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This website has been created to share information about chinchillas. There are many websites on the internet with varying takes on chinchilla care. There are even some blogs dedicated to chinchillas but Gzifa.co.uk is (hopefully) a little different.

Rather than the traditional website full of information (or, sadly, misinformation in some cases!) the idea behind this blog is to provide good, up-to-date chinchilla information with a touch of humour.

I will acknowledge right from the start that viewing chinchillas (or any pet) as a small human in a furry jacket and attributing to them the same kind of intelligence and thought processes as our own can be problematic but here Gzifa is going to share life from a chinchilla (diva) perspective – via her Diva Diary – and will also be making recommendations on products, healthy treats and other chinchilla related products via Gzifa Recommends.

So, with that said ….. Anyone who owns a chinchilla knows that really, they own us. They have distinct personalities; each one is different and they behave in different ways to any situation. Some chinchillas are shy, some ‘in-your-face’ and some are just downright cheeky. Some, like Gzifa, seem to be larger-than-life characters.

As part of CHINformative, Gzifa and some of the other friendly, handleable chinchillas take part in educational events around the UK. You will see upcoming events posted on the Events page. The chinchillas which Debbie (Azure Chinchillas) and I (Davidson Chinchillas) take to the shows are there mainly to show people that chinchillas make good pets for some households. We talk about all aspects of chinchilla care, including health, behaviour, environment, feeding, welfare, and general care.

I hope you enjoy Gzifa’s site and also hope it provides some useful information. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles or posts.

Claire D

Davidson Chinchillas

Diary of a Diva

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